Marie-Vincent Foundation

À la Fondation Marie-Vincent, nous souhaitons bâtir une communauté protégeante et assurer un leadership rassembleur au Québec dans la lutte contre la violence faite aux enfants et aux adolescent.e.s. 

In collaboration with our partners, we support children and adolescents who are victims of sexual and physical violence by providing the services they need under one roof. We help prevent violence through education and awareness and by treating children with sexual behaviour problems.

As long as there are young victims of sexual or physical violence, we will be there to support and help them overcome their ordeals with specialized, effective and personalized services. By sharing our expertise with partners and the community, together we can provide better services everywhere in Québec.

Ultimately, the Marie-Vincent Foundation wants to contribute to building a world without violence. To achieve this goal, it participates in the development of a protective community that will ensure the optimal development of all young people, including victims of sexual and physical violence as well as children with problematic sexual behaviors.

The Foundation works with mobilized and collaborative partners to :

  • build capacity by preventing violence, training professionals and supporting agencies;
  • change the developmental trajectory of sexually and physically abused children and youth and those with problematic sexual behaviours by providing therapeutic and psychosocial services.


Visit Marie-Vincent Foundation website.

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